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What is Positive Psychotherapy?


When do we seek therapy?

Let's say... when we feel overwhelmed, depressed, stressed, anxious, stagnated, confused, challenged, lonely..., when we are unhappy. Simple like that. 

And what are some therapy expectations that we have?

To stop feeling overwhelmed, depressed, stressed, anxious, stagnated, confused, challenged, lonely..., to stop being unhappy. Sounds simple right? it does, but in reality it isn't that simple. However, I have good news for you! This is attainable. Yes, you can stop being unhappy. 

However, do you want to be happy?

This a silly and rhetoric question I know. But tell me please, after all this negativity that you experience do you have the expectation to be happy?

Let me answer, most of the people say "no". They just want to stop feeling depressed, anxious, or to isolate and being afraid of people, to sabotage themselves. The society that we live in focuses on the problem and then on sugarcoating. During my many years of experience I confidently say that I see a big problem with that. Let's go back to the question:

What is positive psychotherapy?

It sounds like "sugarcoating" to me. 

Well, no. 

It is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on your strengths through validating your struggles, your very challenges. I think that the big difference with other therapy approaches is the goal. 

What is the goal? 

To go beyond, to thrive. You to be happy. Because you can be happy--it is your birthright after all-- and I think I can help you with that. When I say "happy" I don't mean what the mainstream society considers happy. Rather, what YOU think happy is. 

For me "happiness" includes a process. A process of exploring, accepting, liking yourself along with the very unlikable  things, then exploring your purpose and the world that you live in,  reframing and redefining your purpose and walking your path.

 I view "mental disorders" as dead ends, or disruptions of your path. In other words opportunities for growth. People are not disorders and a set of symptoms. People are people with unique talents. Positive psychologists focus a lot on that. 

I can be next to you when you are walking your path. This is the work I do; witnessing and encouraging your self-actualization. It is worth it, always. 



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